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Record Rainfall For September In Ireland

There’s a lot of rain at the best of times in Ireland, but September 2016 so a bit more rain than usual. The wettest September in 10 years was recorded at Valentia and Cork Airport with rainfalll figures of 182.77mm and 136.3mm respectively.

In general the month of September was pretty wet and mild in general and very dull. It was slightly warmer than average in the east of the country with temperatures approx 1C above their long term average. The highest temperature recorded was in Phoneix park on September 5th at 26C, the highest since September 1961.

The lowest temperature of the month was 1.3C at Markree in Co.Sligo on September 2nd. There was even ground frost reported at some stations on the 21st and 22nd of September.

It was the dullest September in over 50 years at Cork Airport with 68.2 hours of sunshine, only 52% of it’s average. Dublin was the sunniest with 112.4 hours, but still reported its dullest September in 16 years.